Persian Treasures Slots

Persian Treasures Slots is one of Realtime Gaming's highest rated games and still going strong nearly a decade after release! An RTP of 94% and a near 20% hit rate is what keeps players coming back for more! This 5 grid slots title with 25 pay lines to win from offer a unique experience that acts as a throwback to slots games and fun adventure video games of old. One can find Persian Treasures Slots at popular online casinos including Vegas Slots Online!

It's an chase through the desert during Arabian nights in this fantastically animated thematic adventure. Players will seek the fanciful symbols bringing them fortune, including the camel icon which acts as the ever rewarding Wild symbol! Genie lamps and arabian slippers are just a couple of the thematic emblems players will seek throughout their Persian Treasures Slots run. The gorgeous flutes guiding each player move as the Arabian sunset is brought up them creates a slot experience unlike anything else!

This is a proper tribute to the days of old Persia, and the collective symbols are just as meaningful and rewarding as the next. Finding the rare crossed scimitars weapon on the board is not only a tribute to ancient warfare, but a means to attain epic prizes. The scimitars themselves can be found as 3 of a kind up to 5 of a kind. In finding 5 of a kind of players can earn up to 10,000 credits and immense wager multipliers! Persian Treasures Slots also has a wide variety of promotions and codes to use to garner free spins and trigger bonuses in game!

Like the rest of their fantastic catalog, Realtime Gaming also has implemented a free play demo mode with over 1,000 credits for players to use and discover the game with. The mechanics and trigger bonuses along with jackpots are all the same, the only difference is no real wagering and absolutely no risk! One can expect the best in quality and optimization with Persian Treasures Slots as one can play on mobile or desktop seamlessly. The integrations and flawless game design have made Persian Treasures Slots a fan favorite for over a decade and exists as a top 5 RTG game on most ranking catalogs! There's no reason to not hop in today and discover all the little secrets and not so little rewards Persian Treasures Slots has to offer this season!