Forest Frenzy Slots

A Forest Frenzy sounds like it could be uncontrolled and haphazard, so is that what's on the cards for this slot game? We had some questions, and we're sure you do too, so let's see what we can find out. We can say you'll find some items you may well spot in a regular forest, so what might those be? Think about it as we take you through the first elements of our slot review.

Expect a formulaic format to follow here

There's nothing wrong with a five-reel, 25-line game though, right?

The one-cent coin qualifies the game as a penny slot

Yes, you can get underway from a quarter per play. The game comes from Pragmatic Play, and they provide other coins to sort through too though.

Forest-themed special icons make it onto the reels here

If you're on the hunt for some pinecones, you'll find them in play as wild symbols. Meanwhile, the acorns are scatters, and we even get some mushrooms popping up as bonus icons.

What happens if you collect some scatters in Forest Frenzy?

For free games, you need an acorn on each of the first and fifth reels. This brings you five free games. If you land another two acorns, you receive a further five games as well.

Meanwhile, three mushrooms must land on a single paid line on the middle three reels to unlock a bonus. Here, you see three acorns on the screen. Choose one for a squirrel to break open, and he will reveal your prize.

Is there enough going on in the Forest Frenzy slot game?

We think so - how often do you find a slot boasting some free spins and the chance of a picking game to play? That's what you get in Forest Frenzy, along with the chance of some wild prizes as well.

The game is an older entry into the Pragmatic Play collection, but it shows much of the promise we have come to expect from their games. If you are keen to check it out, make sure you spot the demo version first. It's the best way to be sure you explore the possibilities without dipping into your budget.