Gem Strike Slots

Gem Strike Slots had an early 2022 release, and it's rise to popularity has been unrivaled! Realtime Gaming's gem blasting phenomenon is available at most popular online casinos like Vegas Slots and Red Dog. With an RTP of 96%, it's no surprise that fans return for the high hit rate and fantastic rewards. A standard 5x3 grid works well for this game, and players can dabble their earnings on over 25 pay lines.

Gems are where it's at in Gem Strike Slots, each color variety provides a different bonus depending on how many are found in unison. Purple gems, red gems and star gems pay the most with a max prize of 500x the wager placed. The aim is to find 5 of a kind of any of the gems as they provide their own fantastic, respective bonuses. A max bet of 6.25 credits is solid for a 500x hit, and a minimum bet on the pay lines is .25 so new players won't be overwhelmed by the mechanics.

Scatters are available in game, and actually have a snowball effect for those who can time their wagers in the right way. Landing on 4 to 5 scatters will provide 30 to 50 free spins respectively. With these types of earnings and low volatility, it seems players can earn a ton of free spins without too many buy backs or risk.The beautiful thing about Gem Strike Slots is that no gem is underwhelming. Even middle of the pack turquoise gems can provide a 10x bankroll booster.

Cascading gems will match from left to right, and Gem Strike Slots is truly one of the better introductory games to the slots genre. It's a fantastically fun game with a ton of epic rewards, and even more gems to match! The color variety of the gems alone is impressive, and each one has a tagged value which can truly change the complexion of the player wallet. There is a free play introductory demo mode for players to dabble with. There's 1,000 free credits provided by RTG and there is never any software to download or ads to watch. This is a browser based game and is well optimized for mobile. Realtime Gaming has done incredibly well to create a game that's not only easy to learn, but fun and easy to master! No reason to not hop in today and match these valuable gems today!