Chunky Monkey Slots

Think of monkeys and you likely think about bananas. Monkeys do, too. The Chunky Monkey mentioned in the title of this game might be focused on them, since they feature in the game, as you'll shortly see. Shall we jump in and find out what else is in store?

Reels and paylines for the Chunky Monkey slot

The game offers three reels and five paylines, so perhaps more lines than you thought.

Check your bets before you begin

Ideally, try the demo game first, as this will provide you with some insight into how it works. Sorting through the available wagers will help you work out if this game is for you.

Can you see a face?

If so, you are looking at the wild. It's a bright one too, shown in several colors. This is less powerful than many other wilds we've seen, as it will only substitute for the 7s. That said, this is one of the better symbols to get, so it comes in useful in that respect. The monkey is used as a scatter icon.

Can you spot some Transferring Symbols?

Aside from the three reels, there is a space to the right of those as well. Whenever you find two of the 7 icons and a blank spot on the main reel set, look for this space to spin. If it produces another 7, it will move over to the available space.

You can also receive seven free spins for finding three monkeys anywhere on the reels. These come with a multiplier to boost the prizes. You can also get Transferring Symbols should the circumstances turn up to help you trigger them.

What do we make of the Chunky Monkey slot game

This is an unusual game with some elements that you won't have come across too often before. It means their demo version is more important than it often is anyway, since it gives you a chance to see what you make of the game. Testing it by using the demo coins will provide you with the knowledge you require to find out whether you want to play the real game. The Chunky Monkey awaits… but will you be happy to try it for real?