Storm Lords Slots

Storm Lords Slots was released in 2019, but yet has a virtual slots game rivaled its beauty or role playing elements. Realtime Gaming created a masterpiece with this slots adventure set in an anime style. Storm Lords Slots is available to most US players at popular online casinos like Red Dog and El Royale! With 5 reels and 50 pay lines, new players and veterans alike have a ton of epic prizes to claim!

From the initial loading screen players will know that Storm Lords Slots is unlike any slots game they've played before. The beauty of the animated style, the sound effects and the music interlaced with the cinematic action just works so well! Realtime Gaming has tested themselves in creating this marvelous genre blend. The constantly moving flames illuminating the grid give a very new age feel to this slots game.

A few of the emblems are constantly moving as well and the sheen on them is glorious. From the game logo to the heroes and anti heros in game, there is so much to love and collect in this world of might and magic. Matching the right characters in unison will summon cinematics and carry the over arching story forward. Every character is in a sense Wild as when they are triggered and matched with other characters on the board, they not only take over but trigger scenes and cinematics.

This is a truly glorious game that involves not only wager players, but those who enjoy tactics, a good over arching story and the stylist anime approach the developers took for this game. There is a lot of whimsy to this game, even the visual effects on the autoplay button are fantastic. There is so much to love with this thematic and involving tale of warriors, spells, magic and of course mystical prizes!

There is a lot to love and players who want to approach the game risk free are in luck. Being an RTG title, Storm Lords Slots has a free play demo mode for new players to tour and discover the mechanics. This costs nothing, and doesn't require any software downloads or anything like that. This is a game that looks just as good on mobile as it does on desktop, and it's fully optimized even from switching to wager mode from free play. Hop in today and test your might in the world of Storm Lords Slots!